The Danger of Fat Burning Pills

Fat burning pills are the staple of many online merchants; there are countless new ‘innovations’ in fat burning, all backed up by ‘celebrities’ who brag that they couldn’t go a day without taking them. These pills prey on those who are desperate to lose weight quickly and easily. However, like everything which promises something without any effort on your part, these pills are not only ineffective, but they can be downright dangerous to your health. If you want to lose weight, fat burning pills are not the way to go.

The ‘Fat Burning’ Ingredients

All of these fat burning pills claim to haveĀ fat burning pills that actually work ingredients, often ‘herbal’, which will ‘kickstart your metabolism and let you melt the inches away!’. In truth however, the active ingredients tend to be a dangerous amount of caffeine and ephedrine which will raise your metabolic rate while giving you headaches, nausea, insomnia and heart problems.

If they aren’t full of caffeine, then they are diuretics which removes the water from your body (thus letting you appear to drop weight), but also remove potassium and other minerals you need in order to stay healthy! This pills increase your rate of dehydration, wipes out your mineral content and lowers your immune system while really not giving you much in the way of weight loss anyway. Between the two kinds of pills, it’s best to just steer clear of them in the first place!

And this is all assuming that the fat burning pill has anything that will help you lose weight. Many are no more than placebos which make you think you’ve lost weight, when really you are in a self fulfilling prophesy whereby you act as though you are losing weight, so you do more things you would do if you were slimmer and perhaps lose a bit of weight that way (such as going jogging since you feel ‘lighter’). While you may well lose some weight from this, it won’t be thanks to the pill!

So, with the fat burning pills out the window, what can you do instead? Well, the best way to lose weight is also the most basic way. Eat healthy foods that are metabolism boosters and fat busters such as pumpernickel bread and celery and get plenty of exercise. You don’t have to pay money to join a gym either; go for a walk, go for a run, go for a hike, take the dog out, go swimming, or just dance around the house with your broom. Doing this is a lot easier and more affordable than downing fat burning pill after pill and a lot better for your health as well.